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Over the years I’ve learned a lot about both polar regions and taken several 1000nds of pictures. I’ve turned this knowledge and pictures into several lectures dealing with several aspects of the polar regions.

I’ve got the following lectures prepared:

  • from taiga to pack ice
    In this lecture, I take you on a journey through the northern parts of our globe. We start in the Scandinavian taiga, looking for nice scenery, birds and the larger predators. We cross the taiga with its flowers, Reindeer, Muskoxen and Arctic Foxes and we end our journey on the pack ice, with its auks, gulls and of course Polar Bears.
  • Bitten by the Polar Bug
    This lecture is more a personal account of my experiences in the 10 Arctic seasons I’ve had between 1999 and 2010. I’ll tell the story of my first encounter with a Polar Bear (at only 20m distance), show a little about my research and show some pictures of the nicest days I’ve had in the Arctic.
  • In the footsteps of the Antarctic explorers
    About 100 years ago, the heroic age of Antarctic exploration came to an end. Brave men dared to venture down to the largely unknown White Continent to explore or to reach the South Pole. Men like Charcot, Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton left the comforts of their homes to start their adventure. In this lecture, I will tell their stories and show pictures of the same landscapes and wildlife that they must have seen and they must have been awestruck by.
  • The realm of the Polar Bear
    The high Arctic is the Realm of the Polar Bear. Wherever you go, you have to be careful because you can meet one. Whether it’s on the tundra, the polar desert or on the pack ice they can show up. In this lecture, I give an overview of this realm. From the flowers on the tundra, the bird colonies fertilizing this tundra and the Arctic Foxes looking for food, to the seals and whales that can be found around the pack ice. And of course, as in real life, several Polar Bears will show up.
  • Poles apart?
    Many people think that the Arctic and Antarctic are similar places. They’re both cold, frozen and white, with more or less the same animals. But are these places so alike, or are they really two poles apart? In this lecture, I compare these two places so you can make your own conclusions in the end.
  • Polar climate change
    Literally a hot topic recently, the effects of the climate change in the polar regions. In the 14 years I’ve been to the Arctic I’ve seen those changes as well. Places that were hardly reachable in the early years are now places where we come yearly because of the retreat of the pack ice. In this lecture, I show you the effects of climate change and the problems that causes.
  • Time Lapse
    Time Lapse is a technique well known from many BBC documentaries. Plants suddenly grow quickly, thunderstorms approach much faster as usually and fish decays much more rapidly as usual. Time-lapse always looks spectacular, so it should be difficult to make. Well, no, with a little knowledge and practice you can make simple time-lapse movies yourself. In this lecture, I’ll show some of my own time-lapse movies, but explain mainly how you can make them yourself. From the equipment needed to the settings used and from the interval needed to the software needed to turn the images into the movie you want.
  • But it’s also possible to request a special lecture
For more information about these lectures, prizes and how to order one, please sent me an e-mail. For information in Dutch, have a look at this page.


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